Restaurant review: Sunnyvale’s The Oxford gastropub refines London street food

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By Jennifer Graue, Correspondent

Sunnyvale’s Murphy Avenue is practically an atlas of global cuisine: Italian to Indian, Persian to pub food. One of the hottest new restaurants in the South Bay, The Oxford, borrows from several of these cuisines for its menu focusing on more refined versions of London street food, with a particular focus on Middle Eastern and Indian specialties.

The Oxford occupies the former IC Lounge space, which was connected to Rasam’s, a fine-dining restaurant serving modern Hindustani cuisine. Rasam’s is still there for private functions, but the lounge has been rebooted into a full-blown restaurant, its once-stilted vibe now more casual and fun.

When we arrived one Friday evening, it was like walking into a restaurant version of Piccadilly Circus — vibrant, loud and dining area were filled with millennials (and a few families), the space decorated brightly with a mural of British iconography such as Big Ben, red phone booths and a Rolling Stones album cover…

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