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Great Bay Area restaurants that aren’t in San Francisco

October 19th, 2016 Posted by Press 0 thoughts on “Great Bay Area restaurants that aren’t in San Francisco”

Living in San Francisco, you can easily get caught up in your own little enchanted foodie heaven, convinced the center of the food universe exists within its 49 square miles…


  • Our bartender Sai is putting the final touches in preparation for Happy Hour, swing by!#gastropub #craftcocktails #thirstytuesday
  • Give Dad a break -- he's got a lot on his plate. #theoxford #gastropub #downtownsunnyvale
  • Our  Falafel Sliders are perfect for a light meal, fashioned after popular Mumbai street food, they are packed with flavor and great to share. #gastropub #downtownsunnyvale
  • Which one suits you best?